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Dragon Boat Clinics

Steering 101/Advanced Steering

Steering is not an easy job, but it's a really rewarding one! And it carries a lot of responsibility. A steer must understand the water, rules of the waterways, basic safety, how to seat and balance a boat, and know how to respond to unexpected situations. Steering 101 covers the basics, including water safety, basic maneuvers and corrections, backing down, turning, and stopping. Advanced Steering builds on the lessons of Steering 101, and further develops the steer's skills. Elements of this clinic include race strategy, on-the-fly adaptation, washriding, multiple boat maneuvers, and more.

Paddling 101/Advanced Paddling Techniques

While there is no single paddling style or dragon boat stroke that is universally practiced, there are certain core elements that every paddler must master. Paddling 101 is for beginner crews and covers basic technique elements and an introduction to short-distance racing. Advanced Paddling Techniques is for intermediate-to-advanced crews who wish to either improve performance or progress from community to sport level.

Coaching 101

Coaches must not only teach their crews how to improve individual and boat performance, but also motivate the team, design practice sessions, analyze stroke technique, provide constructive feedback and much more. Some coaches coach exclusively from the drum seat or a launch. Others coach and steer simultaneously. The Coaching 101 clinic leads the entry-level coach through the basics of coaching in either scenario. More experienced coaches may find this clinic a good refresher too - or can have it tailored to their needs.

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Mālia Paddling & Racing Club is a non-profit organization created to recruit, motivate and train athletes of all ages
to enable them to compete in the sport of dragon boat racing at the regional, national and international levels.

        Located at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center, Burlington, VT